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Denso Adds 1.5 Million Fuel Pumps to Recall for Possible Failure
Denso Corporation is including more 1.5 million fuel pumps to a previous recall due to a defect. This defect is going to trigger the fuel pumps to stop working. It will most surely inflict a stall or risking a crash. Fuel Pumps Could Become Deformed and Eventually be Inoperable Denso, the Japanese auto compo....... Read More

Get Homeless Campers’ Tents off Sidewalks Into Managed Campsites
Getting homeless campers' tents off of public sidewalks and into managed campsites is one of the priorities of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler for the new year. Homeless Campers' Tents: From Main Neighborhoods to past the City Limits In Portland, from the city's core to the neighborhoods and beyond the city's bou....... Read More

Love’s Brings 80 Truck Parking Spaces To Oregon
The popular truck stop company, Love's, has just made supremely huge news as of recent. They've made a new travel stop to be accessible by truckers in Oregon. It's location? Right off of Highway 97. There's plenty of amenities to go around when it comes to going to Love's. There's still plent....... Read More

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