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Homeless People Need to be Housed, not Arrested and Put in Jail
Homeless People Arrested Shocks Portland Homeless people arrests in 2018 according to The Oregonian/OregonLive shocked Portland. Their report detailed that more than half the arrests police made in 2017 were of poor people. They consisted of 3 percent of the population at most. This has remained true in the following years according to a new newsroom analy....... Read More

Amphibious Assault Vehicles Are Aggressively Dangerous For The Marines
Sinking amphibious assault vehicles are commonly seen as "death traps" in the Marine Corps. This is because of the added pressure of how hard it is to actually escape from the insides of these AAVs. They're designed to be tough to penetrate but in a way, it's not conducive to Marines stuck in a crisis. When the AAV sinks with water inside, heavy-combat-geared troops hav....... Read More

Northwest Portland Is Using Ions To Fight Corona Virus
PORTLAND, OR - Corona Virus doesn't seem like it's going away any time soon. That said, we should go ahead and take a page out of Oregon. Because in Northwest Portland, there is a restaurant that is utilizing technology to combat COVID-19. The name of the restaurant is Southpark Seafood. And the game of the restaurant is to install a filtration system. By using this tec....... Read More

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