Customers offered Free Three-Year Fix-up Program for Jeep 2021 Models

For all 2021 Jeep owners, there’s a new three-year free maintenance program. Free Jeep service is part of the expanded Jeep Wave Customer Care program. It includes a 24-hour phone or online chat support, seven days a week. Jeep Wave Customer Care also provides trip interruption coverage. In addition to one free day of replacement vehicle rental is available. Additionally, Jeep owners can enjoy VIP access to exclusive events. For 2016 to 2020 models, owners of the WranglerGladiator, specific Grand Cherokee, and only a few CherokeeCompass, and Renegade models were eligible to receive Jeep’s Wave program for free.

The Maintenance Program is a Tribute to the Unique and Growing Customer Base Rewarding their Loyalty to the Brand

The tribute to our unique, enthusiastic, and growing customer base. We are expanding our Jeep Wave customer care program across the entire Jeep vehicle lineup,” said Jim Morrison. Morrison is the Head of Jeep Brand – FCA North America. Morrison said he wants to reward the company’s loyal customers with Jeep Wave premium service that offers peace of mind and no-charge maintenance for three years.

Jeep Oil Changes, Tire Rotations, 80th Anniversary Jeeps

For all the company 2021 models, free Jeep oil changes, and tire rotations are available. Also, this includes the lineup new 80th Anniversary Edition versions. In addition, the 80th Anniversary Jeeps are equipped with wheels painted Granite Crystal. They also equipped with Light Tungsten or Anodized Gun Metal interior accents. The 80th Anniversary Jeeps have upscale Berber-style floor mats and a Uconnect infotainment system with an 8.4-inch touchscreen display. Also available are commemorative badges. Most include additional trim and equipment changes, too.

Jeep says the new 80th Anniversary Editions will be on sale by the end of 2020. New models include the 2021 Jeep Wrangler 80th Anniversary Edition, 2021 Jeep Gladiator 80th Anniversary Edition, and 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee 80th Anniversary Edition and the 2021 Jeep Compass 80th Anniversary Edition.

Vigil Held For Ruth Bader Ginsburg With Protests Pushing On

PORTLAND, OR – It’s in our patriotic duty to watch out for each other. Our fellow man and woman deserve respect, understanding and compassion. Regardless of which aisle you lean towards, that fact will always be constant. So you can imagine that the support was absolutely outpouring. The vigil was for the recently-departed Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The longest-serving female judge passed away last Friday, from recurring cancer. She was 87.

A little over two-hundred demonstrators, in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement, made their outrage heard. Of course, it initially had been an organizing of candles lit in memoriam. But as they came closer to Multnomah County Justice Center, buildings saw vandal.

Windows broken in, graffiti applied, activists arrested. Small prices to pay in contrast to the loss of innocent lives.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg had made huge strides for the rights of women. Of the nine women in 500 students, Ginsburg graduated Harvard Law School, top of her class. She pioneered women’s rights by challenging the constitution that the United States disregarded, regarding gender discrimination. What’s more, she was the first female tenured professor at Columbia law School.

She was an assist to women suffering. Whether through no education or unemployment.

While police made arrests, there was no usage of tear gas, as Mayor Ted Wheeler restricted their usage of the hurtful weapon.

Wheeler himself has been vocal in the protests of Black Lives Matter. He is both as mayor and police commissioner to the Portland police department. Yet, the protestors tend to look upon him negatively, as his favorability has gone down to 62%. Even after the tear-gass by federal agents and sending President Trump an angry open-letter, in response to the rude federal agents.

Finally, enjoy this.

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Semi-Trucks Totally Half-Nelsoned – Tips To Avoid Flips On Long Trips

Forty-five semi-trucks flipped over on their sides after strong gusts in Utah hit them on the highways.

Let’s say you’re on the road for hours. You’ve got little sleep, precious cargo and a heater that just doesn’t work, no matter how much dust you clear. Those details alone make driving tons of weight tons of miles a ton more stressful, if not less desirable.

Finally, nobody needs an accident to happen on such short notice.. Unfortunately, that’s the type of thing that just happened with forty-five semi-trucks.

Strong winds over the past couple of days have reached seventy-seven miles per hour as close as Salt Lake City International Airport. Resulting in the cruel joke of God cow-tipping semi-trucks at full force.

As a result, the Utah Highway Patrol and Rocky Mountain Power Crews alike have been doing their part to clear the roads. Sometimes one to two hours, depending on the damages of all the semi-trucks.

From a glance, this seems impossible to avoid. However, there’s a method to the madness. Here are some quick tips to avoid quicker flips.

Forgo The Wild Muck, Semi-Trucks

As a trucker, you need to ask questions about the route you’re destined to travel. Check the weather report. Find out the elevation progression. Respond to a casting call for Ice Road Truckers. If you don’t prepare for the worst that’s to come, then how can you celebrate the best that’s already here. An hour delay may prolong the possibilities of death. Just ask your boss.

Pack Some Mustard On That Hot Dog

It makes sense that winds would need to be very powerful to take down some semi-trucks. If that’s the case, proceed to load up as much as you can whenever leaving dispatch. After all, you are doing the Lord’s work. Why let nature change your human nature? Go for the gold and, responsibly, be on your way with the goods in a safe manner that will allow for no tragedy. It’s only safest.

Slow Your Roll

Certainly, driving your semi-trucks from place to place isn’t too different from jogging. You pace yourself, decide where to run and where to walk, yet still feel exhausted at the end of the day. So, is there a rule against taking your sweet, precious time to cross that bridge, when you get there, if you get there? Maybe be wary of the speed limit and try to set your own rules, especially when you as a trucker are technically the proverbial “king of the jungle.”