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Segway: Where is it Now?
The Segway was supposed to present "transportation for the future". This was almost 20 years ago. Since then cities have outlawed its use and the company has shifted gears away from what it used to be. Segway Introduction The Segway was brought about during the "future boom" of the early 2000s. This was supposed to rep....... Read More

Police Chief Succeeded By Like-Minded Replacement
Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw resigned from her position last month in favor of another in Philadelphia. Her replacement, Jami Resch, became the new police chief 5 days later. The abrupt change-up began on December 26 when Outlaw notified Mayor Ted Wheeler of her departure from Portland's police department. On New Year's Eve, Resch was ....... Read More

Skoolie: How To Adequately Use Space
Converting your Skoolie to a livable home requires a ton of planning. I have built everything from short Skoolies to full-sized bus conversions. One of the key factors when converting one is space. Skoolie Weight The key to converting your dream home is to utilize every bit of it for storage. Where smaller spri....... Read More

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