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Phasing Out Diesel Trucks in Oregon
*Read our newest blog here. Oregon is attempting to phase out trucks with old diesel engines within the next ten years! This means that all engines in trucks of medium or heavy-duty size that a....... Read More

Vancouver Officer Fires Rifle at Suspected Killer on Portland Freeways
PORTLAND, OR – More details have surfaced about the incredible chase ensued on Portland freeways last month. Apparently, a Vancouver police officer, sitting in the passenger seat of a police car, sped through Portland freeways. ....... Read More

Tesla Model 3: A Tesla You Can Afford!
Tesla’s are both beautiful and efficient cars, but the price tag can cause a lot of people to shy away. So, how about the best of both worlds? Well, Tesla has finally released an affordable car for the lot of us! The new Tesla Model 3 has arrived. ....... Read More

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