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6 Things You Should Do in Portland During Your Life
Still looking for more things to do in Portland? Click here to see whats new! Portland, Oregon----Everybody loves Portland. Of course, Portland is great! Probably you have been in Portland before, but there are things you should do in Portland during your life. More than thirty years, Chapman Elementary School in Northwest Por....... Read More

Portland Approves $500,000 to Support Immigrants with Deportation Case
PORTLAND, OREGON – Portland city council reported that it has approved spending $500,000 to help defend immigrants who stand the deportation process. A non-profit organization will receive the funds and take measures to organize activities supporting immigrants in hearings.   Portland City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly mentioned that there are over 600 residents at the moment who have removal cases. She noted that the majority of these i....... Read More

Man Collected Dead Parents’ Pension in Portland
PORTLAND, OREGON -- The city of Portland plans to sue the man who collected nearly $70,000 of dead firefighters' pension payments.   Joan Soulders, the widow of a firefighter, had to receive the monthly pension benefits as long as she lived. Soulders died in 2013, but the family didn’t reveal this info to the city. Matt Souders, her son, kept collecting pension benefits deposited in a bank account shared with his de....... Read More

The 5 WORST Things About Living in Portland
Even though Portland has many merits both for the residents and tourists, there are 5 things that people hate about Portland. Driving in Portland Allstate Insurance has recently ranked Portland’s Bridge City’s motorists among the country’s worst. Additionally, the city lacks any bridge that will make the drivers’ life easy. The Ross Island Bridge or the Hawthorne Bridge are not drivable. Traffic on Highway 26 ....... Read More

South African Man Was Arrested For Sex and Rape in Portland After Hiding Away for 25 Years
Portland, Oregon ---A South African man was arrested for sex abuse and rape and was brought to Portland on Wednesday. He has been on the run for 25 years. 43-year-old Barett Preston Busschau from South Africa was arrested for allegedly molesting five underage girls in July 1993. The incident happened in both Clackamas and Washington Counties. The victims were about 10 and 15 years old at the time. He ran away before he could stand tri....... Read More

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