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Oregon Remains in Hazardous Weather Conditions Due to Multiple Fires
9 major fires started in the State of Oregon and continue to grow up until today.   There have been evacuations on certain areas and all of the state’s firefighters are working hard to get these fires under control and make sure people are safe. Authorities have urged people to keep masks on when outdoors and those with weak immune systems to even leave the state until the fires are completely out.   Connie Clarstrom, a....... Read More

The City of Portland Gives Uber Another Chance with Permit Renewal
Here’s the latest gossip in the city of Portland. Apparently, city officials have decided to take Uber off “probation” and approved to renew the company’s permit to operate legally in the city. So, for those who are not aware of the situation, Uber hasn’t had the best relationship with the city of Portland.   Going back to 4 years ago, the company launched their services illegally in Por....... Read More

I-5 Paving Projects will Shut Southbound Lanes All Weekend
Are you ready for a hot and slow ride through Portland this weekend? ODOT will close all southbound lanes of Interstate 5 from the Fremont Bridge to Interstate 84 at 10 p.m. Friday, July 13. During the closure crews will grind down and repave the freeway. Lanes will reopen by 5 a.m. Monday, July 16. The whole process repeats next weekend, July 20-23.   Traffic will be diverted onto I-405 southbound over the Fremont Bridge to rejoin I-5....... Read More

The City of Portland is Finally Allowing E-Scooter Companies to be Active
This past weekend, the Portland Bureau of Transportation released the “Shared Electric Scooters Permit Application” for e-scooter companies to be able to start operating in the city. Congratulations to the city of Portland that can now have affordable transportation for locals!   However, although e-scooter companies are now allowed to start their project....... Read More

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