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State University Police Officers Shot and Killed a Man near the Campus
PORTLAND, Oregon -- Portland State University police officers shot and killed a man across the street from a popular sports bar on campus, authorities said.   Officers from the university responded to a disturbance near the Cheerful Tortoise on Southwest Sixth Avenue just before 1:30 a.m., the Portland Police Bureau said in a news release.   After contacting people believed to be involved in the disturbance, at least one off....... Read More

Portland Company Raises $250,000 to Help Immigrant Families
Last week, there was a lot of fuss about Melania Trump’s jacket that was captured in the photo while she was getting on a plane. The Trumps were headed to the U.S.-Mexico border. The jacket had the words “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” which started up some controversial arguments among people. People were very upset about the fact that she chose to wear that jacket to send a message out to them. However, President Trump turned to social ....... Read More

Man Files Lawsuit Against Walmart for Racial Discrimination
PORTLAND, OR - On Thursday, a lawsuit was filed against Walmart by Jamaal Winchester.   The lawsuit is going for $55,000.   Winchester was on his day off from Postal Service and he was spending the day with his three kids.   When they were on the way to Bonneville Dam, they stopped at a Walmart on 82nd Ave. He went into the store to get a fishing pole for one of his kids.   H....... Read More

Police Officer Shot Violent Suspect in Quiet Neighborhood
A police officer had received a disturbance call Wednesday afternoon at the Northeast 126th Avenue. A resident’s home surveillance camera caught everything that had occurred before and after the police officer arrived at the location. The video had captured what had happened that lead local neighbors to call the police. In the driveway next door, neighbors heard two men fighting. The camera shows a man, whom the neighbors know, approac....... Read More

Nonprofit Tiger Farmers? Yes, Just outside of Portland
Recently, a couple’s nonprofit organization has caught the attention of the government. Cheryl Jones and her husband/ business partner, Steve Higgs, moved to a farmhouse just outside of Hillsboro. The property is about 80-acres big and almost all of it is hidden behind a line of trees. Their nonprofit is a business called “A Walk on the Wild Side........ Read More

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