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Oregon Residents Panic from ‘Emergency Alert’ Text
Salem, Oregon -- On Tuesday night, residents of Oregon received an alert on their phones about a “civil emergency” which caused a lot of panic in the state. Police were getting lots of calls at the same time with panicked residents ready to ask questions. The text read “Civil Emergency in this area until 11:28 PM PDT Prepare for Action OEM,1,OR” which does not state what the emergency is exactly.   People went ....... Read More

Do Oregon Slow Drivers Cause More Crashes on Roads?
If you think Oregon drivers are slow, you're not alone. A recent study says they're some of the slowest drivers in the country and researchers say that can be dangerous.   There's no doubt driving over the speed limit can be deadly. Oregon's Department of Transportation (ODOT) says speed was a factor in crashes that killed more than 720 people from 2012 to 2016.   But what about slow drivers?   Or....... Read More

Two Oregon Crashes Caused Highway 213 to Shut Down in the Morning
OREGON CITY, Oregon -- Two crashes caused officials to close Highway 213 Monday morning. In the first, Clackamas County Dispatch says a driver crashed into a gas station and a gas pump caught fire.   The driver ran from the gas station crash onto Highway 213 and caused a second crash when a driver in a minivan struck and killed the driver in the roadway.   Officials say the Chevron gas station crash occurred at around 3:40 a....... Read More

Portland Wednesday Traffic and Road Closures, According to ODOT
The ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) has completed an initial study of traffic counts on the first phase of the Newberg-Dundee Bypass which opened in January. According to the study, 12,000 vehicles use the roadway daily. The study, released Tuesday, shows that less traffic is using OR 99W from Newberg to Dundee and that more travelers are using Springbrook Road and other area streets than before the bypass opening.   ODOT wi....... Read More

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