Automotive Classes For High School Students

The students from high schools of the West-Linn Wilsonville School District spent three months participating in after-school automotive classes taught by Clackamas Community College teachers. They used the highest class equipment while receiving instructions from professionals while studying cars.


The classes are unique for Oregon and at first there were doubts if the students would be interested in automotive classes. But the feedback turned out to be great. The students participating in classes were genuinely interested and 21 or 23 of them are looking forward to continue studying cars in the second and third parts of the series until the end of the school year.


The classes took part in the World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville. By giving students this opportunity to take part in free automotive classes, the sponsors hope to raise young people’s interest in a technician’s career. The students are given school and community college credits for participating.


The second term of the program started on Dec. 7, so the students are at the classrooms again continuing to study cars. There is a great chance the program will be expanded for schools from other districts. The sponsors also hope to add higher level classes to make the program even fuller.


Truck Crashed Caused Fire Near St John’s Bridge

The St. John’s Bridge was shut down after a semi-truck crashed not far from Portland railroad yard causing tanker explosions. The black smoke was visible for miles. The crash was fetal for a truck driver, the police said.


Firefighters got a call about 8:45 AM on Sunday and were sent to the area nearby US 30, just south of the location of the St. John’s Bridge.


The highway was closed and the people from the businesses in the area were evacuated. They also had to cancel a half-marathon race.


The fire started when the truck, that was carrying a fuel product, crashed. Fuel leaked underneath the train cars parked nearby. Eight of the train cars that contained asphalt were damaged, but the railway lines were not affected.