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$14.5 Million Spent by Linfield for Expanding Portland Nursing School

You are currently viewing $14.5 Million Spent by Linfield for Expanding Portland Nursing School
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Portland, Oregon – Linfield College announced about his plan to extend its Portland nursing school on Monday.

The college bought 20 acres in outer Northeast Portland to house the program.

Many students from Linfield College share their college years between its main buildings in McMinnville and the training facility at the Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital in Northwest Portland.

However, the Linfield’s lease with Legacy was set to expire.

To buy a campus, occupied by the University of Western States Linfield spent $14.5 million. The University of Western States offers chiropractic and sports medicine treatment and education.

According to Linfield, until 2020 its Portland site will be moved from Legacy to the new campus across town.

The state of Oregon is facing a crucial shortage in nursing, like most of the states across the country.

Moving to a new campus will allow to significantly expand the nursing programs, equaling almost 300 nursing graduates per year.

New campus will feature 10 buildings, including a lecture hall and anatomy laboratory. Linfield is considering building student housing on the property. The new expansion will be the biggest since 1998, when Linfield added 115 acres next to its McMinnville site.


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