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Truck Transport

Not every Portland Auto Shipping company provides Truck Shipping. So when you need to ship a truck to or from Portland, make sure to find a right carrier or a broker. Make sure to check the ratings. Any company’s reputation speaks for itself. Also, when you contact the company, double check if they provide the kind of Truck Transport you need. Do they ship the kind of truck you have? Check their insurance. And then shop around looking for good rates. Be careful when it comes to the lowest prices. It’s better to choose considering companies’ ratings.

Truck Transport with Portland Car Transport

truck shipping

Portland Car Transport is your reliable provider of Truck Transport services. We can ship any type of truck nationwide! Be it a semi-truck or a tractor, we can easily do it for you!

Most of the time Truck Transport is a special type of Portland Auto Shipping. But have no worries! We have all the papers allowing us to haul trucks. Our drivers also have all the special tools for heavy loading and unloading.

With Portland Car Transport you can ship:

Box trucks


Lunch trucks

Sweeper trucks

Bucket trucks

Garbage trucks

Ice cream trucks

… And many other kinds of trucks!

We try to be as flexible as we can with our Portland Auto Shipping. We will arrange the most convenient Truck Shipping for you. To lock in the best dates, try to plan ahead. We also offer Express Auto Transport for urgent Truck Shipping.

At Portland Car Transport we have many useful Portland Auto Shipping services. We provide Commercial Transport for our business clients. You can trust our team of experts to help you move the vehicle for your company.

Get a quote for your truck shipment now from our website. It’s free! We will be happy to ship your truck.