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Power Outage in Southeast Portland Closes Intersection and four-way Stop

October 11, 2017

Portland – On Wednesday morning an intersection and a four-way stop were shut down in Portland because of a power outage.

General Electric crews of Portland responded to the outage. While they made repairs police closed the intersection at Southeast Powell Boulevard and Southeast 112nd Avenue.

The four-way stop at Southeast 122nd Avenue and Southeast Holgate Boulevard were also closed.

This shut-downs are impacting TriMet buses-lines 9, 17 and 73. These buses use Southwest 136th Avenue to get around the closure.

To get people to Division so they can get closer to a bus heading into downtown TriMet is using a shuttle bus to drive from 136th Avenue to the closure at 122nd and Powell. It is supposed that the roads will return to their normal condition at about 9 a.m.

Portland General Electric crews responded to the outage and police closed the intersection at Southeast 112nd Avenue and Southeast Powell Boulevard while they made repairs.

PGE told that the outage is not related to a vehicle crash. They said a power line fell and they suppose to finish work in the territory at 7 a.m. and 10 a.m.

The outage affected 1,941 clients.

To avoid the closures Portland police recommend drivers use Southeast Division Street, Southeast Holgate Boulevard, Southeast 136th Avenue and Southeast 112th Avenue.

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