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Portland Will Get More Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

December 4, 2018

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Portland General Electric promised to build 36 electric vehicle charging stations next year. The $2.6 million plan includes six east Portland chargers.

PGE said on Monday it will install six vehicle chargers at the Eastport Plaza Shopping Center, located off of Southeast 82nd Avenue and Holgate Boulevard. Officials from the state and city say that east Portland has been underserved by the infrastructure for alternative fuel in the past. The new chargers will help to remedy this situation.

In a joint statement, the city and PGE announced the development. Mayor Ted Wheeler cited the plan as an example of the two entities’ commitment to sticking to overall goals for reducing climate change. Multnomah County and Portland both have vowed to shift to 100 percent green energy sources by 2050.

Plan Will Bring Chargers to Underserved Communities

Wheeler said that he is “thrilled” that PGE will install electric vehicle charging stations in east Portland. He said that the Eastport Plaza charging hub will help to bring technology to communities that have not had priority previously to electric charging access. The city helped to select Eastport shopping center because of its closeness to Interstate 205 and U.S. 26, its proximity to many apartments nearby, and the current lack of charging stations in the area. No public money will be used toward the project.

PGE built “Electric Avenue,” a setup of six stations, was near the World Trade Center in 2015. That station has already fueled over 1.25 million miles and saved 515 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

In 2016, the Legislature mandated that public utilities make plans to hasten electric vehicle charging stations in Oregon. Governor Kate Brown ordered last year to push for 50,000 more electric vehicles driving in Oregon by 2020. There are about 19,000 such vehicles now. In 2017, the Legislature passed a $5.3 billion statewide bill that includes a $2,500 rebate per electric vehicle.

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