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Oregon Remains in Hazardous Weather Conditions Due to Multiple Fires

July 24, 2018


9 major fires started in the State of Oregon and continue to grow up until today.


There have been evacuations on certain areas and all of the state’s firefighters are working hard to get these fires under control and make sure people are safe.

Authorities have urged people to keep masks on when outdoors and those with weak immune systems to even leave the state until the fires are completely out.


Connie Clarstrom, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Medford stated, “Unfortunately, we’re not expecting it to get better anytime soon . . . We need a change in the wind pattern, and we’re just not seeing it.”

He also announced that Oregon will likely have very high temperatures for the next few days and dangerous air quality.


Over 5,000 firefighters are battling these fires together with the help of a group of tankers and helicopters.


Taylor Creek fire and Grave Creek fire are the two most dangerous ones out of all 9 in the state.


The Grave Creek fire reached about 6,000 acres and the Taylor Creek fire grew over 8,000 acres.


The Hendrix fire is just a little to the south of Ashland, near the Little Applegate River location. It was still burning lots of land Monday night and only 35% has been contained. It burned about 1,060 acres of land. Residents in Ruch and Dog Fork community are forced to evacuate.


The fourth fire is the South Umpqua Complex fire, which has burned about 5,000 acres and is only 12% contained.

It is near Myrtle Creek and anyone who is in or near the Tiller area are being forced to evacuate.


Natchez Fire near the Cave Junction has burnt less than 2,000 acres of land as of today. The Siskiyou Wilderness has been closed for precautions and safety.


By the Kalmiopsis Wilderness area, the Klondike Fire still remains large having burnt 5,281 acres of land. Level 3 evacuations took place yesterday for residents in Oak Flat by the Illinois River Road.


Lastly, the Sugar Pine Fires contain about 20 smaller fires nearby Prospect and Tiller. With all the little fires combined, about 886 acres were burnt.


Meetings will be held today and tomorrow to discuss an evacuation plan for more residents and how to battle these fires together.

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