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Northwest Portland Is Using Ions To Fight Corona Virus

You are currently viewing Northwest Portland Is Using Ions To Fight Corona Virus
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PORTLAND, OR – Corona Virus doesn’t seem like it’s going away any time soon. That said, we should go ahead and take a page out of Oregon. Because in Northwest Portland, there is a restaurant that is utilizing technology to combat COVID-19.

The name of the restaurant is Southpark Seafood. And the game of the restaurant is to install a filtration system. By using this technology, Southpark is able to send out negative and positive ions.

How do they clean the air around them? Well, these ions attach themselves to particles in the atmosphere surrounding people’s faces to weigh down. By doing so, the particles – particularly traces of COVID-19 – are weighed down to the ground and are therefore stabilized. They’re no longer in the breathing room of people, who previously worry about the risk of airborne infection.

According to the general manager of Southpark Seafood, Jason Gerlt, the restaurant is able to reopen safely because of these precautions.

“In addition to just particles, it also attacks pathogens.” says Gerlt. This process therefore saves the diners of the restaurant in Northwest Portland from possible infection and spread.

Southpark was able to turn a negative into a positive on their own life-size account after putting the system to the test while the wildfires spread. Based on the results from such tragedies happening as recently as last month, Gerlt believes the way it clears smoke made it work excellently.

I only know a handful of people in Northwest Portland, if any at all, and from what I can tell you, they’re always at the next level when it comes to preserving the safety of the ecosystem around them. They are maybe the most genuine folk you’ll ever meet, and furthermore, are willing to highlight any of their own wrongdoings if any offend other people.

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