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In order to have the permit of shipping vehicles, every carrier must provide insurance for those vehicles. It will cover any damages that can occur during shipping. Without it, Car Shipping service are not legal. So when you need Portland Auto Transport, make sure the company you’re calling provides insurance. They are obliged to give you this info. Don’t rely on the companies that can’t do that, that’s a red flag.  Be careful to avoid the scam. There’s a lot of it in the industry so you have to do your research before booking Portland Auto Shipping.

Portland Car Transport Insurance

Portland Car Transport is licensed and bonded. All the carriers we work with provide insurance for our clients’ vehicles. So when you ship your car with us, you can be sure your vehicle is in safe hands.

Portland Auto Shipping is business on wheels. Our professional drivers will handle your car in the best way, and that we can promise. But there are things no company can control. Highways are dangerous even for the best drivers. And weather can sometimes be difficult. But we want to assure you your car is as safe with us as it can be. And if something does happen, you are fully covered!

There’s nothing to worry about with Portland Car Transport. We work with the most reliable drivers. They are experts in safe Portland Auto Car Shipping. They use the best routes. And you can always check on your car by calling our office.

Portland Car Transport is always here for you. Call us to get more info on our insurance. We will be happy to help you!
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