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Customers offered Free Three-Year Fix-up Program for Jeep 2021 Models
For all 2021 Jeep owners, there's a new three-year free maintenance program. Free Jeep service is part of the expanded Jeep Wave Customer Care program. It includes a 24-hour phone or online chat support, seven days a week. Jeep Wave Customer Care also provides trip interruption coverage. In addition to one free day of replacement vehicle rental is available. Additionally, Jeep owners can enjoy VIP access to exclusive eve....... Read More

Vigil Held For Ruth Bader Ginsburg With Protests Pushing On
PORTLAND, OR - It's in our patriotic duty to watch out for each other. Our fellow man and woman deserve respect, understanding and compassion. Regardless of which aisle you lean towards, that fact will always be constant. So you can imagine that the support was absolutely outpouring. The vigil was for the recently-departed Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The ....... Read More

Semi-Trucks Totally Half-Nelsoned – Tips To Avoid Flips On Long Trips
Forty-five semi-trucks flipped over on their sides after strong gusts in Utah hit them on the highways. Let's say you're on the road for hours. You've got little sleep, precious cargo and a heater that just doesn't work, no matter how much dust you clear. Those details alone make driving tons of weight tons of miles a ton more stressful, if not less desirable. ....... Read More

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