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Oregon City Mayor Dan Holladay Chastised By State AG
Oregon initiated its statewide quarantine orders on March 24, 5 weeks ago. Since, social distancing measures worked to decrease the curve, or intensity of the outbreak's peak. In fact, one model from the Institute of Disease Modeling suggests Governor Kate Brown's executive order avoided an additional 70,000 infections. However, the pandemic continues to pose a threat to the general public. Still, many political figures ....... Read More

WTI: Massive Sell-Off And What It Means
West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil just made a huge move and sold-ff its oil at an extremely low cost. The impact isn't sending shock waves around the world, but the company has been a large figurehead for crude oil in America. WTI Has Massive Sell-Off Before COVID-19 took the world by storm, the prices....... Read More

US Economy Moving At “Alarming Speed” says Fed Chair Powell
Before the novel coronavirus gripped the nation, the US economy made steady gains. For a period stretching back into the Obama administration, the economy grew year after year, unemployment fell, and jobs gains blossomed. Covid-19 reversed all of that. In a matter of weeks, the US economy back pedaled. Unemployment, previously at a 50 year low, surged. More than 17 mill....... Read More

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