Portland Broadway Bridge Closure through Friday: Find Alternate Routes

PORTLAND, Oregon -- The Broadway Bridge will be closed to all traffic during late night hours through Friday for contractor work on the drawbridge. The bridge is predicted to be closed from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. in the morning. Thursday-Friday, August 9-10. Crews continue some of the final work to replace the 4 original Rall wheels and tracks that raise the bridge. During the work, the bridge will nee...Read More

A Protest Organized By Right-Wing Patriot Prayer Left Three People Hospitalized

A protest organized by right-wing Patriot Prayer in Portland left three people hospitalized on Saturday. Activists said at least three of people gathered to protest got injuries sustained from the crowd –control munitions fired by Portland police. A traumatic brain injury. Third-degree chemical burns. Open Wounds. The protest brought hundreds of people from out of state to support the le...Read More

Survided After AeroMexico Crash ? Portland Father Talks About The Crash

After the crash of Aero Mexico plane, Donald’s 7-year-old son Declan got off the plane first. He made sure to help his siblings. Donald Hudson says while boarding the plane with his wife and four children, he noticed that the plane was not all right. The plane was shaking all over. Donald saw the lightning out the window. Passengers thought the flight is going to be delayed. But it took o...Read More