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Again Cryptosporidium was found in Bull Run Sample by Portland Water Bureau

PORTLAND – The Portland Water Bureau said on Monday that test samples from Portland’s Bull Run Watershed tested positive for Cryptosporidium. Officials said they found one of the potentially disease-causing bacteria in a 10-liter water taster collected previous week.   Officials said it is similar to low-level findings in September and from January to March. The bureau is still usi...Read More

Intoxication and Speed are factors in Early Morning Fatal Crash in Portland

The police of Portland is investigating a fatal crash which occurred on Sunday in the 13400 block of Southeast Stark Street. Police told that a 21-year-old guy was found dead in a truck which crashed into an unoccupied office. Police said that motorist died early on Sunday after crashing into an empty office building on Southeast Stark Street. According to Portland police, the driver of a 20...Read More

Power Outage in Southeast Portland Closes Intersection and four-way Stop

Portland – On Wednesday morning an intersection and a four-way stop were shut down in Portland because of a power outage. General Electric crews of Portland responded to the outage. While they made repairs police closed the intersection at Southeast Powell Boulevard and Southeast 112nd Avenue. The four-way stop at Southeast 122nd Avenue and Southeast Holgate Boulevard were also ...Read More