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6 People Arrested For Street Racing In Portland

The police arrested 6 people that were street racing on the Fremont Bridge in Portland. On the nights of Sep. 21-22 and Sep. 27-28 several motorcycles and cars were blocking traffic on the Fremont Bridge and some other drivers were racing on the lower bridge deck.   According to the police, street racing problem has been getting worse lately. The new incident was quite similar to the on...Read More

Portland Is Average, New Survey Says

According to a new survey by Redfin Realty and Porch.com, Portland is quite an average place to own a home. It ranked 27th out of 67 cities in the survey. 10,000 homeowners took part in the survey and were asked to rate cities on ten following categories: climate, commute, healthy living, educational opportunity, security, walkability, resident satisfaction, economic opportunity, tax...Read More